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Through solar energy, we explore new cold chain frontiers in off-grid and underserved regions, facilitating access to food, improving food preservation and enabling new business opportunities.
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Our fridges were designed for extreme affordability based on off-grid families and small businesses daily problems. We understood we should apply the best in-class technology to
leapfrog off-grid market limitations.
For that reason we are using the most advanced compressor technology paired with smart energy management and full pay-as-you-go integration to make refrigeration available

everywhere under the sun.
At the present moment, we are focused on the Sub-Saharan African countries, which is the region where since 2016 we developed our business model. 
          SOFT START
Our solar refrigerators rely on the exclusive Embraco solar DC compressor to ensure minimum starting power and lower energy consumption, delivering high performance, even in extreme conditions.
Electronically adjust fridge performance according to external conditions and battery loads.
Solar fridge + control unit communication to provide analytics, full pay-as-you-go integration and superior user experience.
Reduced cabinet size improves logistics and facilitates last-mile transportation.
The Solar Fridge suits domestic and light commercial applications (convenience stores, small-format supermarkets).
Shared value

Whether empowering women in rural areas, improving preservation or helping local business to strive, our solutions can play a major role in creating value for people living in extreme conditions.


Lined up with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, Youmma is acting in the challenges facing our world.


Starting from people, we learn and co-develop solutions to improve quality of life.


Understanding off-grid region’s needs and climate change challenges, we designed affordable fridges for clean solar energy.


Through refrigeration, we make possible new and lasting opportunities for the entire value chain.

Shared Value

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We are looking forward to expanding our positive impact.
Come and join us improving people’s life, one fridge at a time.

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Partner with us

Youmma is a solar fridge manufactured and commercialized
by Nidec Global Appliance, a division of Nidec Corporation.


It is a brand created with the purpose of reinventing the access to
solutions for a better quality of life.

About us
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